Estoy apprendiendo espanol…

Over the last number of months, I have been taking an evening course in Spanish. It has taken a life of its’ own. I’m really enjoying it, which is strange as I’ve never had a grasp of languages, whether it is Irish, or French. I have studied Spanish in the past for three years while in school but there was a much greater focus on grammar, verbs and tenses than on conversation. So I stopped it and moved on to another subject at that time.

After being in Spain the last few years, I felt that my time there would be that little bit better if I was able to converse in some way with Spanish people. So I decided to give the language another go..and if it didn’t work out, I could always rely on meeting a Spanish speaker and tag along with them! Like I did last year!

The evening course I am on focuses on the basics and how to have a conversation. There are alot of phrases, nouns and verbs that have come back to me, but there isn’t that great an emphasis on them now. I listen to a great podcast also called “Coffee Break Spanish” which is for the beginner and is updated weekly. The BBC have a dedicated site ( for those learning the language also with a great mini-series called “Mi Vida Loco”.  I would recommend anyone to listen to it. I have even followed a few Spanish nationals on Twitter so I can practice.

I have a lot more to do however but I have for once ticked off one of those resolutions I keep on making. So if you are in the same boat, or if you have any tips for me, let me know!

Hasta luego! Adios!

Written by Clearskies Camino