Beyond the Way 2.0 is a go..

Once the Beyond The Way series was complete, there was a great amount of doubt as to what Andrew (the man behind the series) was going to do next. The 9 episodes encapsulate the Camino, in my opinion, and he, along with everyone else, didn’t want to leave it just there. Like arriving into Santiago, there is an urge to continue on. Andrew wanted to return to Spain and walk another Camino. An indiegogo campaign was created to help but unfortunately, he fell short of his target.

However, while he may be under-budget, the below video is an answer to alot of peoples’ questions. I’m delighted that he has chosen to return. I’m also looking forward to receiving a few postcards & stamps after my contribution 🙂 More information can be found on or on his facebook page above.

Written by Clearskies Camino