Camino Portugués

The Camino de Santiago routes in Portugal are known as the Camino Portugues or The Portuguese Way of St James. They are not one route but three routes through Portugal into Spain finishing in Santiago de Compostela.

The main starting points for are Lisbon, Porto or Tui. About half of all pilgrims start at Tui. You can though start your Camino at any point along the route, bear in mind to have your Pilgrim’s Passport, which is required to stay in the pilgrim’s hostels and to be awarded your Compostela when you arrive in Santiago de Compostela. Normally you only need one stamp per day in your pilgrim’s passport, unless you start at Tui – in that case, you need two stamps per day to be eligible for the Compostela.

The Portuguese Way winds for roughly 600 km from Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela. It can be comfortably walked in 30 days. Although the official start of the route is in Lisbon, most pilgrims start their journey in Porto or Tui, which are 240 km (10 days) and 119 km (5-6 days) before Santiago de Compostela.

One of the biggest advantages of the Portuguese Way is the impeccable waymarking along the entire route. To the other pilgrim routes, the way is marked with a yellow arrow. From Lisbon, the yellow arrow is accompanied by blue arrows signaling the route to Fatima. Camino Portugues and the pilgrimage to Fatima share the same path from Lisbon to Santarem. From Santarem, the Camino to Fatima diverts but you may see the odd pilgrim walking from Santiago on their way there.

After Porto, you have the option to walk along the Coastal path via Matasinhos. The Camino da Costa is an ancient route which starts in Porto and hugs the coast until Vigo. At Porto, you are approximately 270 km from Santiago de Compostela.

May 2018 – From A Guarda to Santiago de Compostela

In May 2018, my brother and I walked the final 160 km of this route from the small picturesque town of A Guarda. We stuck to the coast for the long as we could until we reached Vigo. From there, we walked along the Portuguese Central route to Santiago. 

September 2019 – From Lisbon

In September 2019, I walked from Lisbon to Agueda, 345 km, 10 days. You can read my thoughts by clicking on the below posts:

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