Camino Ingles / Celtic Camino 2019

In May 2019, my brother and I will be walking from Ferrol, in the north of Spain, to Santiago de Compostela. This is no ordinary Camino however as there is a great deal of history behind it. We are following a huge number of pilgrims’ footsteps – pilgrims from as far back as medieval times. They came in boats from Ireland and England to the ports of Spain, mainly A Coruna, and travelled to Santiago on horseback. Up to the 15th century, this was the only way for an Irish pilgrim of carrying out pilgrimage to Santiago. The Camino you see today was few and far between.

In recognition of this history and of the many pilgrims who travelled to Santiago from Ireland via A Coruna, we are going to do the same. However, as we have a few days extra, we want to add a few days to our experience. The Camino Ingles has two legs – one leg starts in Ferrol and the other starts in A Coruna. From Ferrol, we hope to walk for two days to the beautiful Celtic town of Betanzos. From there we will travel to A Coruna and begin our Celtic Camino.

But the Celtic Camino does not exceed 100km, I hear you say? Aha, a good question. The Cathedral in Santiago have kindly agreed to issue a compostela to those who walk from A Coruna provided they walk a pilgrim path of more than 25km in another country and have certification to prove it. In June 2017, I walked 30km along the Dublin coast to St. James church and gained a Celtic compostela. There are other pilgrim paths in Ireland to walk but this was the most accessible for me.

If time permits, we will walk to the coast to Finisterre.

Some older posts I wrote about this Camino:

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