Camino Portugués – May 2022

– Porto to Santiago de Compostela – Coastal Route

– 280 kms

– May 6th – May 18th 2022

From the 6th to the 20th of May 2022, I travelled to Portugal to walk the Camino Portugués from Porto. It would be the first time I had walked from Porto but not the first time I had walked the Coastal Route, having walked in 2018 from A Guarda. I had been looking forward to this Camino for so long and had been planning this for some time. I was lucky to have company this time. Ray (my brother) and Wallace (my friend) decided to come along and walk to Santiago. We would set aside 12 days of walking with the intention of finishing in Santiago on the 18th of May. I had been looking at the weather in advance and I didn’t really see any cold spells on the horizon. I planned for all seasons regardless. We were lucky to have just two days of rain out of the 12, with most of the sun in Portugal.

I really enjoyed this Camino however it was be challenging towards Castelo do Neiva and again in Galicia. The walking on the boardwalks is fantastic and you can easily walk 10 km without knowing it. A lot of pilgrims like to walk the Central Portugués Camino as opposed to the Coastal option. This is one to try in the future but for now I enjoyed the sea beside me and having the sea breeze was refreshing. I met some amazing people again, from all parts of the world, and had some special moments. I wrote about each day so please feel free to read about my experiences if you click the below posts

At Porto Cathedral with Ray and Wallace before we left.

Day by day:

Handy links: – For Pilgrim Passport and guidebook links page – for open albergues and distances between towns

To pre-register at the Pilgrim Office – to let them know that you are coming.

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