A first step on the Camino from 2011

A few days ago, one of those memories popped up in my Facebook feed. It was from 11 years ago - 2011. I was instantly transported back to that time and place. Let me show you the screengrab first of all and I can talk to you about it.. After 4 months of fundraising for... Continue Reading →

Camino Francés 2014 & 2015

As I have not had the opportunity to walk one of Spain's great pilgrim's paths this year, I've been reeling in the years by looking over photos from previous Caminos. I must say it has been quite enjoyable, even though I prefer to make new memories. During the two years of 2014 and 2015, I... Continue Reading →

This pilgrim waits..

With every day that goes by, we seem to be hearing more and more good pieces of news. Two vaccines have been approved and many countries are tentatively relaxing their restrictions for Christmas. Spain has brought about a host of changes before the Christmas season. This YouTube channel is recommended if you want to be... Continue Reading →

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