Enter annual leave…

I have been very lucky to have an employer who allows me to traipse across Spain or Portugal for two or three weeks at a time. It is not a full Camino, I get that, but I am quite happy to wait for a few more years. However, given the current climate, I am happy... Continue Reading →

Two’s Camino company…

My previous post was looking forward to a re-arranged Camino in April 2021. With flights booked and nothing much else, I got back to the tasks at hand for the day. With no Camino to walk this year, what else had I to look forward to. A return to normality following the worst pandemic in... Continue Reading →

Reliving May’s memories

Most years in the month of May, you would find me in Spain or Portugal walking. Not this month. Or even not this year. Instead I am looking back on old trips. I find it is a suitable replacement. 2011 - I was preparing for my first trip, walking from Sarria on the first week... Continue Reading →

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