Happy Christmas!

I would like to wish all this blog's readers a Happy, peaceful and safe Christmas. Also, whether you are on the Camino at present or are with family and friends, I wish you a Buen Camino! Feliz Navidad!


So what have I been up to lately? It is a week now since I took my first "pre-Camino" walk. Afterwards, I developed a pain at the back of my legs, my calves. It has long gone away but I'm left wondering if that was down to lack of practice or something else. I had... Continue Reading →

Some good news..

Some days will stay with you for the rest of your life; your 21st birthday, first day in college; your first job, but buying your own house is top of the list. That's right..I have found (and really like) somewhere to call my own. I will even remember the music in the background at the... Continue Reading →

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