In Bad Weather, I think of Sunny Spain

I write while most of Ireland is being bashed by storm force winds. The hatches have been battened down and Sunday should see an improvement. Storm Desmond is it's name. This is the fourth storm in as many weeks we have been hit by and we have been accustomed to heavy winds, incessant rain and... Continue Reading →

Storytelling and the Camino..

So last night I was at a storytelling event at the great Abbey Theatre in Dublin. I was there to listen to 10 storytellers who had reached the The Moth Dublin final, but most importantly, I was there to support a man I met on the Camino in 2013. Storytelling had taken hold of his life since... Continue Reading →

First Walking…Now..Running!

So you all know I have a passion for walking. I have for many years and I can't see that leaving in the near future. However, I wouldn't consider myself "fit". I walk on average three to four times a month, not including my time in Spain. So I would consider myself overweight. With Christmas... Continue Reading →

Another Camino…yes? no?

It's amazing what a weekend away with Camino buddies can do for the soul. Before I took the trip down to Limerick, I was really doubting if I was going to return to Spain in 2016. I need a break, I want it to be fresh when I return and I don't want to be... Continue Reading →


Another weekend approaches I say to myself with glee. I am Limerick-bound tomorrow to walk a few stages of the Lough Derg Way with some Camino buddies. The weather isn't forecast to be the best unfortunately but I am bringing along my new Altus to test it out. In all, I will be walking 30km... Continue Reading →

Leafy Loop, Durrow…

The last few months have been the busiest I have been work-wise. The heavy storms in December to February have taken its' toll on me as well as lot of people in Ireland. Sometimes, working in property claims is not all it is made out to be. But now that things have calmed down, I... Continue Reading →

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