So Tonight is the Night…

As you are aware from the picture to the right of this screen, Clearskies Camino is a finalist in the 2015 Irish Blog Awards. The final is tonight in the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin. While I won't be there in person, I will be there in spirit and will be watching through Twitter (@cskiescamino) as the... Continue Reading →

Good News!!!

Nothing like good news to brighten up a dreary Tuesday morning. Just after 10am this morning, I received a tweet from @blogawardsireland saying that I had been nominated for an Irish Blog Award. It went on to say that I would receive an email with the next steps in the coming week. Being quite honest, this... Continue Reading →

A different way of taking notes..

I have a bad memory.No really, it is poor...Luckily enough I have this blog to remind me of the last few summers in Spain. They have been interesting and here's to many more in the future, not only in Spain but further afield. But I am going to record my upcoming Camino a little differently.... Continue Reading →

Maps and Legends…

It's a little over 4 months before I throw on my backpack and head off to the south of France. I am returning to finish off my Camino that I started 3 years ago. I am off for 14 days, and hope to walk 11 of those days. If I get to Belorado or Atapuerca,... Continue Reading →

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