Clearskies Camino Podcast

Another great thing that I have attempted over the last year is a podcast, beginning in September 2020. The Clearskies Camino Podcast lasted for 10 episodes and dealt with the Camino and other pilgrims’ experiences. A friend in Spain suggested that I should give it a go – and I did. A podcast would be too formal – how about a chat! 

Not only are my podcasts helpful for me preparing for a return to the Camino but it has helped me during the pandemic. I have stopped recording them but I do intend to start again with a weekly chat with a pilgrim. Until then, you can find all the recordings on all platforms or if you do a quick search for “clearskies camino podcast“. The Clearskies Camino podcast explores pilgrims’ different reasons for undertaking their Camino, what equipment they carried, and what preparation they carried out. We also focus on any tips and tricks for new pilgrims.

camino de santiago podcast

The podcast marks my first foray into the world of recording and I would consider these episodes more as a conversation between friends than a deep-dive. There are other Camino-related podcasts that are more professional in their set-up, like Dan Mullins’ “My Camino-The Podcast” or “The Camino Cafe“.

Podcasts I have guested on

I have had the pleasure to have been asked on a number of Camino-related podcasts in the last number of years. Feel free to listen to other episodes that my hosts have recorded.

Interested in being a guest?

If you are interested in being a guest on my podcast or if you would like me to guest on your own podcast, please leave a comment.

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