I have been very lucky to have an employer who allows me to traipse across Spain or Portugal for two or three weeks at a time. It is not a full Camino, I get that, but I am quite happy to wait for a few more years. However, given the current climate, I am happy to be in this position. In Summer, on learning I was not walking to Santiago this year, I had quite the decision to make with what to do with my annual leave. Do I find a trail in Ireland to walk? Do I visit a long lost cousin? or do I just re-watch all the episodes of Beyond the Way and Don’t stop Walking with vino and tapas?

Well, due to current restrictions, I can’t do A or B (no matter how much I would like to find a long lost cousin), so C is a pretty good start! And there are plenty of opportunities to walk close to me. But most of all, I just want the time to let the mind rest and catch up on a few things I had let slip.

Monthly updates

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Clearskies Camino Podcast

I have 11 episodes recorded – the last episode was recorded yesterday. I have no further interviews due to record. Now would be an ideal time to record a podcast or two, now that I am free. If you are in anyway interested in sharing your Camino story, please let me know. I will record a few solo podcasts during this time off but having guests on really adds to it. See below my last episode:

Continuing to give back…

I have renewed my membership with Camino Society Ireland. At present, we cannot meet until it is safe to do so. The Information Centre in Dublin is closed and has been since March. I look forward to return once it opens and when events are planned.

Camino Plans

My 2021 Camino is still on track as I plan to walk in Portugal in April. I fly to Lisbon on the 10th of April and leave from Porto two weeks later. Where I take my first step, is one question I will leave closer to the starting date. I had hoped to walk from Porto, along the coast to Santiago, but I’m not sure about walking in Spain. Plan B would be to start in Tomar or Coimbra (my original plan) and walk to the border (Caminha) before turning back to Porto.

I’m sure it will be easier to call closer to the date.

So, how has your weekend been?

Written by Clearskies Camino