Faultless Friday..

Ahh…another weekend…otro fin de semana.

I’m just home from town after, well…..I had better explain my day in the post. The day started early with the end in sight. Positivity. Fridays tend to start off well, they have a good vibe about them. Today was no exception. The office was encouraged to take part in “wear a jersey day” with all donations going to Alex’s Room. Unfortunately, I left my change at home but I wore my 2010-2011 United jersey to raise some awareness. It looks a shocker! I usually wear Camino gear when not in work.

The day chugged on and at 5pm, I ventured into town and Trinity Street – Cotswolds Outdoor to be exact. It’s a fantastic little store behind College Green that has everything for your outdoor need. An information talk on the Camino de Santiago was to start at 6pm and I wanted to offer some assistance. A good few people turned up, from those with no knowledge on the Camino, to those who had their flights booked to Santiago in September. It was fun listening and offering advice, whether it be about gear, or where to travel to.

Following the talk, a few of us took a walk to Drury Street and took a chance on Juanitos. “LA Soul Food” – is framed on the outside. The owner, from Brazil, served us up some smashing food – a mix of latin and asian styles. I’ll be back for more. And on the way home, we made one last stop to the famous Mulligans pub where I had ‘just the one’ before I left to take my train home. A long day, but one that has been good.

Written by Clearskies Camino