Good News!!!

Nothing like good news to brighten up a dreary Tuesday morning. Just after 10am this morning, I received a tweet from @blogawardsireland saying that I had been nominated for an Irish Blog Award. It went on to say that I would receive an email with the next steps in the coming week. Being quite honest, this is a huge deal to me and not entirely sure what happens now. You can find more details on with details of each of the categories. I can only assume I will be placed in the Travel category…not bad for someone who takes leaves these shores once a year! If you have some time, you can even offer to judge some of the entrants. I’m not expecting anything, to be honest, but if anything, it gives the motivation to put more effort into this blog. I have a few more ideas also that I will expand on later.

More to follow.

Written by Clearskies Camino