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I Have Walked 500 Miles…by Terry McHugh

One of the first books on the Camino I read was written by a man from the North of Ireland called Terry McHugh. I didn’t know him at the time but over the years, our love for the Camino has made us friends. His book “Walk With The Sun Till Ur Shadow Disappears”, a bestseller on Amazon, is part-guide, part journal, and tells the story of one man’s struggle to get to Santiago.  You can buy his book here. The follow up to “Walk With The Sun Till Ur Shadow Disappears” is called “I have Walked 500 Miles” and is due to be published shortly. Click on this link to get a little bit of information about it. Hopefully, the second book will be as successful as the first. 

I Have Walked 500 Miles book

We find many of these journals popping up in recent times, with more and more pilgrims venturing to Spain to walk the many ways to Santiago. It is impossible to distinguish between the others however but I can say that this is written from the heart and it is like a diary. “I have Walked 500 miles” brings the reader from the foothills of the Pyrennees to the Cathedral in Santiago and you can feel Terry’s struggles and he walks every step. It is well worth the read. I look forward to his next book.

Buen Camino, Terry!

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