So I don’t have very long before I head off to Spain again in May (104 days, but who is counting!) However, I haven’t done any considerable amount of training since May last and have not touched my backpack. So it doesn’t sound ideal. But hey! there is no time like the present, as they say, and have started to plan for May 25th.

Looking back last May, when I reached Sarria in Western Spain, there were a number of things I needed to do to avoid the sores and blisters next time around. These have been put them on the long finger and if I keep things the way they are now, I can’t see myself finishing the first day, never mind the last day.

I also wanted to keep some sort of track of the days there, whether it be youtube video logs (like this one below made by a friend of mine) or using iPhone apps like LiveTrekker or Everytrail which I have found useful locally. Some people have said that I will have a better experience without a phone or camera and just bring a diary and pen. This is fair enough. But after a long day of walking, I can’t see myself writing 2 words, never mind pages.

Let me know what you would do?

Written by Clearskies Camino