I’m back…

I’m back from my mini Camino…well, I arrived home on the 19th of May.

From my previous posts you have probably gathered that I walked from Belorado to Molinaseca starting on the 6th of May. I tried to keep my blog updated but I found it pretty difficult and stopped after my 3rd or so day. I will update it now that I am home however (the memory hasn’t left me!!)

One thing I have to say is I found this Camino (my 5th) the most demanding physically and mentally. I’m not sure I could have continued if I was to walk a full Camino so I’m glad it was only for 2 weeks. I met a lot more people than I have done previously, from all over the world. The weather was amazing also. We had temperatures in excess of 25c most days. If the Spanish news talk about the weather, you know it’s a big deal! So I needed to hydrate all the time. I got no rain which was an added bonus. I walked most days on my own which I haven’t done before. I met my friends when I finished walking which led to some great evenings. I was much more relaxed compared to other years. I would often stay in cafes for up to an hour and then walk on and I had no great urgency about where I was staying. That said, I was always the first up, leaving most mornings at 6am. My walking was finished at 12am to 1pm as a result.

I picked up a number of injuries however. I received one blister on my small toe which I was able to treat. It didn’t cause me too much hassle as long as I had it covered. I also picked up a niggling pain under my knee on my 2nd day which I managed to eliminate with paracetamol. On returning home, I visited my local doctor and discovered this “niggling pain” was in fact a damaged ligament. This is my fault..I realise that! Hmm!

However, with all the little grievances, the Camino gives you back much more in joy. The scenery, from the flat lands of the meseta to the ascent and the descent of the Leon hills, astounded me. I almost wanted to walk back up to Foncebadon once I arrived in Molinaseca. On finishing up, I bought some food and had a miniature picnic by the river in Molinaseca. I can’t wait to return to do it all again.

I will update the blog over the next few weeks telling you about the trip. I have uploaded my photographs online and you can find them here: http://clearskies.smugmug.com/Camino-de-Santiago-May-2015

Buen Camino!

Written by Clearskies Camino