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In Memory of Denise Thiem…

We are all aware at this stage of the very sad news of the recovery of Denise Thiem’s body in Spain. After I heard that she was missing, a part of me knew that she was safe and well but the longer time went on, the hope of finding Denise dwindled. I walked through the same town where she was last seen a month after her and I immediately thought of her family and friends. While I write, mass is being celebrated in the Catedral de Santiago for her, and in Ireland, bells were rang out for 3 minutes in St. James’ Church in Dublin.

downloadIf you are planning on walking the Camino soon, make sure you do something to remember her, no matter how small. Whether it be wearing a second shell or badge or asking for a second sello. Should you not be walking the Camino this year, the Irish Society have a book of condolences which you can sign. Details can be found on www.caminosociety.ie or their facebook page.

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