Many pilgrims like to write about their travels. I began writing here as a pilgrim in 2012 and I have gained great solace from writing. Some of my favourite posts were written after I returned from a Camino – when I am the best version of myself. Search below to find something that may interest you but please sign up to my mailing list for new content. Buen Camino!

Is this a Green light?

On Friday, Ireland received some news regarding the ongoing Covid situation. Some may be happy; some may be nervous – for me it is business as usual.

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Every Moment is a Fresh Beginning

This is my first post of 2022, a first of many, I hope. I hope you all had a good break and enjoyed the New Year. To be quite honest, I have never been fond of New Year’s Eve. Are we celebrating the passage of time or are we looking forward to something unknown? TS Elliot once said, “Every moment is a fresh beginning”. We shouldn’t put so much energy into one night but try to better ourselves each day. Regardless, we are in 2022 and I can’t but feel hopeful.

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2022 and the New Year

Sign up! 2022 and new Year Posted 6th December 2021 by David Smith You might have noticed some improvements to the blog over the last

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