Memories of the Camino Finisterre

I have been working through my previous Caminos, creating content for my YouTube channel (plug, plug!!) and I have just finished creating a video from my Camino Finisterre in 2016. I can’t believe that was 4 years ago. Fun fact – I actually planned to walk this in May 2016 but I broke my toe the previous November which caused me to postpone my flights for a few extra months. And this was the first time I walked in September – I haven’t looked back since.

Even though it is such a short Camino, it is beautiful in it’s own right. Many pilgrims walk to Finisterre in 3 days and myself and my brother did this in 2019 (although 4 days is probably more advisable). In 2016, I walked over 5 days as I wanted to stretch the experience out.

The highlight of the Camino for me was reaching the plateau before Cee. I had climbed for almost 20 minutes and was beginning a desent of 1000 metres. I arrived at Finisterre the next day and watched the sun set that evening. I received nothing but friendliness, smiles and good wishes from the Galician people.

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Written by Clearskies Camino