Weekend Watch #70 – Another milestone

I remember starting out on my Weekend Watch adventure back in 2015. My goal was to give you one video about the Camino per week, one video from the (literally) hundreds of uploaded content on YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. With this milestone, I am going to give you 4 because you are worth it....and because …

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Another week of lock-in over and some thoughts..

Well, that week has flown by. It has been seven days since my last post and my great intentions of writing everyday have well and truly been left by the wayside. I am still here however. Hanging in and hanging on and counting my blessings. The date of May 5th looms large but I don't …

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Reflections on the Camino del Norte

This piece from Stephen McCormack was posted in this quarter’s edition of Shamrocks and Shells. It is a good account of Stephen’s Camino del Norte, WIth pictures. There are other articles there too.

Shamrocks & Shells

A few days ago I dismantled a temporary display of Camino photographs I was using to illustrate my Camino story to friends and family. The process prompted me to think again about my Camino experience: why I had done it, my main impressions and what the experience means to me now.
“Walking the Camino”, to use the cliched phrase, was an ambition of mine since 10 odd years ago when my wife walked part of the Camino Frances and spoke passionately about it. Over the last several years I kept meeting people who had “walked the Camino”. I read articles about it and was generally intrigued by the idea of this ancient pilgrim walk. Two of my children walked the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago de Compostela and spoke of the beauty of the walk and the many personal encounters they had and their experiences generally.

Sunrise in the…

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Another week closer…an early start and some videos

T minus 18 days Well that week flew by. I have been busily entertaining myself with work and keeping myself indoors. We have been encouraged to stay indoors until May 5th and while that may seem a long time away, I choose to keep busy and let time do the work. I woke up at …

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Weekend Watch #69 – Beyond the Way returns..

Beyond the way is Andrew Suzuki, a pilgrim from New Zealand. He has walked and documented his time on the Camino Frances in a mini-series and I would encourage you to watch it on http://www.beyondtheway.net. In the last few days, Season 2 of Beyond the Way has been uploaded on YouTube and it begins to …

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Virtually walking….St Jean Pied de Port – 2014

It's been 14 days since isolation kicked in and 2 days since lock-in. With so much negativity, it is unhealthy for the mind. I have been scouring YouTube for Camino-related videos and with the recommendation of Linda at Somewhereslowly, I have signed up to Babbel at a specially reduced rate. These days indoors are the …

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14 days…#keepwriting

Let me take you back to Saturday, March the 14th. Coronavirus was in the news here in Ireland however we were free to travel and see folks (oh I miss those days!). I went to the Camino Information Centre for the day and walked back to the centre of town to catch my train. At …

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