Internet on the Go

Now I’m not sure if we are entering a new era in technology or are we catching up with other cities but Irish Rail is set to introduce wi-fi to all trains in Ireland. That is getting me excited. I really am looking forward to that but there is one snag… will cost

The firm’s Chief Executive, Evert Bopp, said passengers could use the service for around €1 an hour or pay a monthly unlimited subscription of €29.

If the connection speed is anything like their train delays, it won’t be much good at all.

Just another rainy day..

Well hello peoples!!
I am just in the door from work and decided to put finger to keyboard and say hi.
I’m not sure if I have mentioned what I work at..I think I’ll say it now..I’m fairly forgetfull but I will go into this in more detail in later posts.
I am part of a customer service team dealing with travel insurance on behalf of ACE European Group. We underwrite travel policies for a few companies in the Irish and UK markets and we nornally receive about 500 calls a day..just queries about cover on policies. You can check out the website here.
Sooo anyway..back to the point! It was pretty busy today, it has been this way for the last two or three weeks and the fact two people were out sick, that made it a big tougher. The day dragged on, I got involved in training in two of the new guys to our team so that is tough going. Most of the new people we hire are school leavers with very little experience in sales or customer service so there is a bit of training to be done first..usually takes a week or so. I really get on well with the guys there but I wouldn’t go out with them..I mean they are a good laugh but that’s as far as I’d like to know them.

(Since I finished that last bit, I’ve had something to eat and make a cuppa)

It’s raining here in Dublin as you probably might be aware from my has been like this for a few days now which is a change after the heat of the last few weeks. I was walking home with ipod in ear and suit getting soaked..I hadn’t enough for a taxi (it usually costs 4 euro for a mile). I’m having a great time listening to the new one from Sigur Ros. Keeps me going on those walks home from work!

Anyway, I’m off to watch the Spain v Sweden match on the tv, I will probably post something later but that depends on how tired I get!



Just a chance I can get to post a few links every once in a while. I have a account so I’m going to make use of it lol

  1. WordSplay is a wordsearch website
  2. Funtrivia is a well laid out quiz and trivia community
  3. Discover new music on Imeem
  4. All your info and data can be placed in order on Tablefy
  5. I use this all the time. Very handy for checking the time in the other side of the world.

New album from Sigur Ros

I’m over the moon!

It’s been a year since Sigur Ros’ incredibly delightful docu-album (is that a word?) Heim / Hvarf and four years since their glorious album Takk… They are back with another fresh new album called (and pardon my icelandic) “með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust”.

It is out on the 23rd of June but you can listen to it for free on I have listened to the album a good few times and each track stand out with every listen. Have to say it is not in any way as good as Agaetis Bryjun..their first epic album.

Take a look at a video of the band playing one of their new tracks live…

Hello world!

Hello to one and all..I am David. I live in Dublin, the capital of Ireland but only a small town compared to the bigger cities around the world!
What I want to do in this blog is tell you a bit about me, what interests me and what is going on in my life, whether it is work – related, my ever hectic social life, pieces of news, or links I come across. It won’t be a heavy handed page bringing up politics et al. I’m not a serious person so I guess that will be reflected in this page.
I’ve had a massive interest in blogging for a good while now but have grown weary of other websites (and I won’t mention names) so I decided to check out this site and see what happens in the next while. I may like it…..I may not…all depends on what kind of feedback I get.
Feel free to leave a message any time you like. I will check this out once or twice a day and will return your message straight away. Soo fingers crossed as I venture into the unknown!