Pre-Camino Thoughts #6 – 13 days to go

13 days left, unlucky for some. Lucky for me, I am not superstitious.

Time to get the pack sorted, you might think? Time to check in that flight and get that last preparation walk before you go? No? Not exactly!

I’ve a few things I need to do before I can finally switch off and have a “Bom Caminho”!

  1. I see the podiatrist again tomorrow. I had hoped to have the all-clear last week but it wasn’t to be. Maybe this week.
  2. On Saturday. August 31st, a pilgrim blessing will be provided in St. James’s Church in Dublin. So that will be a great reason to fully pack the bag, and bring one of my scallop shells. I hope there is a good turnout.
  3. I want to take in one long walk before I go, and the 7th of September is the only day I am free. This is unusual for me. Before a Camino, I have at least 4 or 5 walks completed as preparation.
  4. I finish work on the 6th of September and I will leave the office lighter than a feather. I return on Monday, the 22nd after hopefully walking 11 days.

I stay in a hostel (there are no official albergues in Lisbon) beside the Castelo de San Jorge. It is not far from Lisbon Cathedral and the Alfama region, the start of the Caminho Portuguese. For those not familiar with Lisbon, the Castle is at the top of a steep hill but instead of walking to my hostel, I can get there by tram (see picture).

The Cathedral will be my starting point the following day as there is a bright yellow arrow at the base of the church. From there, all will be well. The first day is either 29 km to a place called Alverca do Ribatejo or 37 km to Vila Franca de Xira. It all depends how I feel.

More before I go!

Written by Clearskies Camino