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I have tried not to pay attention to the news over the course of the last few months. In a world of social media, this is quite difficult, however, I am where I am today – still standing and working from home. Restrictions are still in place here in Ireland until April 5th, where they will be re-assessed. The roll-out of the Covid vaccination has been, let’s just say, poor, and not wanting to put blame on any one person, I look at other countries who are doing a far better job than us.

I just look to the future. At the present time, I can’t travel more than 5 km beyond my home and I hope to travel to the Camino in September. Our own government has ruled out any non-essential travel since the start of the pandemic while allowing people to fly into the country unchecked. I think this has eroded confidence.

This week, the EU Commission announced plans for a digital green pass which would allow EU citizens to travel inside of the EU provided they have:

  • received the vaccine
  • received a negative test
  • received a medical certificate to say that you have recovered from Covid in the last 180 days.

I would imagine that I will receive my first vaccine jab before I travel but if I don’t, a negative test can be received at the Airport before I leave.

It is just a week, but it is better than nothing. More news later.

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