Still on the mend..

Hi all! I suppose I am posting this to update you on how the wrist injury is going. Since the fall on the 6th of November, it has been frustrating trying to manage with the one arm. The injured wrist has been in a cast and sling. Even putting on a coat can be a struggle! Ok yes, it’s not like I’ve lost a leg or broken my neck but there are a lot of things I can’t do that I took for granted. I am also relying on other people which can be extremely frustrating, especially as I like to do things myself. I haven’t been out walking since the event but I look forward to the day I am given the “all-clear”! I am somewhat restricted in what I can do in work also but I am glad my writing hand is in good order!

I hope to have the cast removed by the 19th of December, but as long as I can eat Christmas dinner with both hands I will be happy!! I have just paid a visit to the Out patients today in the hope that the cast would be removed however, after a further x-ray, the doctor was not happy and wanted to keep the cast on for another 3 weeks. Even with my non-medically-trained eye, I could see a shadow of a crack in the bone. I did mention in my previous post that I had broken 2 bones – the ulna and the radius. The radius is the larger of the bones and this is what I am relating to. The ulna can mend itself in time.

So there you go now, as well as being a blog dedicated to the Camino de Santiago, I am passing on medical facts to you! I should have been a doctor!

In other news, I have received my Pacerpoles in the post. I will test them out when the wrist is back to normal. I have also purchased a Raidlight bottle & holder which can attach to the chest strap of my backpack. It’s worth a try.

And just to finish, if any readers would like to contribute a guest post to this blog, please email me on Take care!


Written by Clearskies Camino