Don’t Stop Walking – Season Two

I’m a big fan of Andrew Suzuki’s work on the Camino de Santiago. His two series – Don’t Stop Walking and Beyond The Way have been massive hits over on Facebook. We have already been treated to Season One of Don’t Stop Walking, which is a pilgrim’s guide to the Camino de Santiago. A handy digest of do’s and don’t’s which will surely point you in the right direction during your planning. If you haven’t seen Season One – go do so now!! I’ll wait until you finish….


Ok πŸ™‚

Now you are ready to start watching Season Two. Episode One contains aΒ top ten list of essential foods you need to try while in Spain and Portugal (No, pulpo though!!), while episode Two breaks down the top ten extremely small items that you must bring with you on your Camino. What I like about his videos is his sense of humour, you are guaranteed to have a smile on your face at the end. Plus, you will be eager to watch the next episode!!

More information can be found on his website:

The Best of 2016

Hi folks! An apology is in order for the lack of posts here. A certain wrist is making that a little difficult, but I hope to be on the mend this side of Christmas. I am able to type with the cast on however, but I hope you don’t mention that to my doctor. The words “cast” “rest” and “upright position” were mentioned by him to me when I last visited him on the 28th. I return to him on the 19th of December to hopefully have the cast removed and physio can begin after Christmas. I write this with a positive tone however. I’d love to be able to eat Christmas dinner with both hands!

However, I have been keeping myself occupied over the last month and I have a number of things in the pipeline. I plan on writing a number of articles on “the best of 2016” Camino sites. I realise that it is impossible to give a top 5 or a top 10 as everyone’s opinion is different and there will be a number of websites I will leave out. However, it’s just my opinion. I hope to cover blogs (including forums), twitter, instagram, and youtube accounts. So I have a number of weeks to work on this which is plenty of time. However, I need your opinions, and I’m sure you have plenty! If there is a website / twitter account / instagram account that you feel does a great job promoting the Camino, please comment below.

I have mentioned also in the past of Andrew Suzuki’s project “Beyond The Way“. He has created 10 amazing videos after his time on the Camino in 2014. There isn’t a day that passes that I return to his website and watch one of his videos. Everything is independently produced which is pretty impressive. However, it’s not a series that discusses the sights and cities. Andrew talks to pilgrims and we hear their personal stories. It’s not often you get that in a Camino video. Anyway, after the last episode was released (so to speak), he put a call out that he was to make a second series. An Indiegogo campaign was started with a promise of goodies once a certain amount was contributed. To cut a long story short, Andrew completed the Camino Portuguese a number of weeks ago and I received a package of goodies via email and post. It certainly picked me up while in healing mode. I’d encourage you to “like” Beyond The Way’s page on Facebook as Andrew is in the process of creating a 2nd series for his most recent Camino.


And finally, the gears are well and truly in motion for a return to Spain in 2017. More news on that in the future!


Weekend Watch #34 – Beyond the Way & Season 2.

This morning, Andrew Suzuki uploaded a new video to his “Beyond the Way” series (entited The Professor & his Puppies). In it, he talks to Mark, a veteran firefighter from Manchester who started his Camino in torrential weather and was close to giving up and heading home due to bad blisters. However, he met some great people and they are one of the reasons he has stayed and continued. You will never beat a Camino family! They give encouragement when down and meeting new people are what draw me back year on year. The end of the video is just perfect though, when Andrew travels forward to meet his first Camino family as they walk into Santiago!


The Future for Beyond The Way: More of Andrew’s videos can be found on his website He has been creating inspiring videos both about planning for the Camino de Santiago (Don’t Stop Walking) or about his time walking the Camino (Beyond The Way) since the end of 2014 and the above is part 8 of 10. Once the last episode is over, he wants to continue. Season 2 is being planned with more goodness for us Caminoholics! However, Andrew is relying on those who have watched his videos to support him while he produces Season 2 and beyond. An Indiegogo site has been created so you can contribute. By passing on what you can, he will send you perks including social media shout-outs, behind the scenes footage, baseball caps, photos and a badge to sew to your backpack. But most of all, you are helping by passing on real stories, tears and humour from the Way. This is the real thing, blisters and all.

Beyond The Way Indiegogo
YouTube channel
Beyond The Way on Facebook

I’m a BTW supporter, are you?

Weekend Watch #33 – Beyond the Way Episode 7

Andrew Suzuki has released another video (entitled The Golden Mile) in his “Beyond the Way” series. In it he talks to Peter from England, another pilgrim. They talk about their struggles while on the Camino, and Peter’s previous time in the army. There’s a great message to pick up from this video and I personally think he captures the beauty and the spirit of the Camino. It’s what draws me back year on year. Enjoy! More videos can be found at

Weekend Watch #32 – Beyond the Way Episode 6

It’s just about time for another Weekend Watch; this time being the latest episode from Beyond the Way created by Andrew Suzuki. In the video, Andrew arrives at Santo Domingo de la Calzada and meets an group taking part in an ancient Mexican dance. We are reminded to become more connected to the world around us while on the Camino, rather than do as the title of video suggests “Walk, Eat, Sleep, Repeat”.

More details about his videos can be found at

Weekend Watch #27 – Beyond the Way – Episode 5

Andrew Suzuki returns with another episode of his excellent “Beyond The Way” series. In this episode, titled “Perfectly Imperfect”, he talks about Dane Johansen who walked the Camino Frances with his cello, performing each night to pilgrims. Dane also produced a documentary about his walk and you can find more information on


Weekend Watch #20 – Beyond The Way Episode 4

It has been a while since Andrew Suzuki uploaded a video but his latest, uploaded yesterday, is his best by far. Entitled “Struggletown. Population, Me”, it reminds us that the Camino is not all fun and games and can be tough. In Andrew’s case, his depression took hold and wouldn’t let go. However, he met a fellow peregrino with another kind of struggle. I can relate to this video in a way. I’m sure there are many things I could accomplish if fear of failure or fear itself wasn’t holding me back.

Andrew’s documentary is by far my favourite Camino-related documentary. You can view previous episodes here.