Camino Portugués – Dublin To Lisbon – Day 0

After a month of to-ing and fro-ing with the podiatrist, I wasn't sure this Camino was going to happen. However, after getting the go-ahead from the podiatrist the week prior, my mind was put at ease. I still had over 300 km to walk. The morning of the flight was an early one. I woke... Continue Reading →

Two months to Lisbon..or is it?

First of all, if you like what you see here, I'd really appreciate it if you subscribe to receive my latest posts to your email address. Thanks! 🙂 I hope you are all having a good weekend, wherever you are reading this. The weather is good here in Dublin and I have been out and... Continue Reading →

The Sounds Of The Camino

As soon as your Camino begins and you start your walk early in the morning, there will be sounds that will be become part of your day, whether they are welcome or not. Some will make you smile, some will annoy, all are part and parcel of the Camino experience. I’ve decided to run down... Continue Reading →

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