In Memory of Denise Thiem…

We are all aware at this stage of the very sad news of the recovery of Denise Thiem's body in Spain. After I heard that she was missing, a part of me knew that she was safe and well but the longer time went on, the hope of finding Denise dwindled. I walked through the... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday #1

I remember taking this shot after a walk from Atapuerca in May 2015. It was very warm and I was waiting, with many other pilgrims, for the albergue to open. Burgos is a major city on the Camino and there is nothing finer than it's Cathedral. Here it is in all it's glory.

Books & Guides – Some of my Favourites

There are literally hundreds of books written on the Camino de Santiago, fiction and non-fiction. Many are written by people who have returned from Spain and want to tell their story. There are also guides, written to help future pilgrims. I usually get recommendations from Amazon and read them on Kindle. Here are some of... Continue Reading →

The journey makes you a pilgrim…

I was just putting the final touches to part of our Camino talk (which is on the 11th of September) and came across this verse. It is actually taken from a YouTube video, made by Andrew Suzuki...the same man who has created the brilliant "Don't Stop Walking" and "Beyond the Way" series. I thought I'd write it... Continue Reading →

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