Typing while I think!

I just thought I’d pop my head in and let you know what’s happening here in Dublin. I’m currently on a break from work until Tuesday, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Ordinarily I would travel to the country, places like Wexford, Cork or Galway, but I have an exam upcoming so I need to work on that. My usual un-organised self..leaving everything until the last moment..drastic stuff! 🙂
It is Good Friday today and while some people believe that this is a Happy day, I was brought up to believe that this is a solemn, quiet and mournful day….like someone had died, I guess! While that was the case, times have changed since then, people get on with their lives and the Easter season is not as much on our minds as years gone by. I have to admit I love devouring choco eggs, which have nothing to do with Easter 🙂 I am back to work on Tuesday, after a Bank Holiday on Monday. No rest for me though. I have a few hours to read over “The Law of Tort” for insurance purposes. Boring!
Moving on, I am a Man Utd fan for more than 20 years and while I am so used to them winning, it is very hard to take watching them play bad, or lose convincingly, like they have in the last month. I still believe we can win the Premier League but this season is not for fans with dodgy hearts. As far as I’m concerned, and there may be United fans who disagree with me, but I don’t believe we can win the Champions League. Barcelona have that sown up and while it would be great to win or even take part in the final, our performance against Porto surely made Barcelona fans snigger!
Right! I better log off and get some study done. The next few weeks will be busy for me. I will be twittering during that time and I hope to post again very soon.

Scolari sacked as Chelsea manager..

I was surprised to see this piece of news online this afternoon. Scolari being sacked by Chelsea is not something I wanted to see….not just yet! He is a colourful manager and although he has made some tactical mistakes, he should have been given a bit more time. There is really no one out there who can fill his position now that they are mid season and 7 points behind Man Utd. We shall wait and see what happens next.

On other news, Tony Adams was sacked by Portsmouth, which was hardly surprising given their dreadful run of results.

Sunday Snow!

Snow in Ireland

Snow in Ireland

Yet again Ireland woke up to a blanket of snow. Pretty much all of Leinster and Connaught have been hit with the biggest snowfall in the Midlands. Kids are having a field day with the possibility of some schools being closed for a further few days. And for transport in Dublin…the possibility of it grinding to a halt! This kind of weather is becoming more and more rare in Ireland throughout the years so maybe its best to enjoy it!

The All Ireland championship heats up!

Kerry v Monaghan two weeks ago

Kerry v Monaghan two weeks ago

Oh my oh my!

After two cracking games in Thurles last Sunday, we look forward to a weekend of epic football..not two games..but three games Saturday and Sunday. The times and dates of these games have been announced in the last 30 minutes before I write and as you would expect, all games are in Croke Park.

What an atmosphere it will be!

The times of each games are:
Saturday: 12pm: Antrim v Wicklow, in the Tommy Murphy cup final
2pm: Wexford v Down, the first qualifier of the All Ireland football chamipionship
4pm: Mayo v Tyrone, the 2nd qualifier

Sunday: 12pm: Sligo v Louth, the Nicky Rackard cup final (a bit like the 2nd division)
2pm: Fermanagh v Kildare, the 3rd qualifier
4pm: Kerry (the current All Ireland holders) v Mayo

All these draws can be seen here.
In these two days, there are 4 teams from the north playing, and their fans are nothing short of dedicated..they know how to support their counties. The winners of these qualifiers will go on to meet Dublin, Cork, Galway and Armagh.
Personally, I am looking forward to all these games but am really daunted by how busy it will be in there. Each day will bring close to 70,000 fans and I can see myself working close on 7 hours each day..so much for the weekend eh?
At least we have the Dublin match to look forward to in two weeks time!

Only Dublin can lose the All-Ireland!

Dublin v Wexford

Dublin v Wexford

Really felt compelled to post something about the match last Sunday..Dublin v Wexford. Mainly as I was working at the game and there was close enough to a full house at the game..75,000. It was David v Golliath (sp) match with the Wexford contingent hoping to secure their first Leinster final win since 1956. I’m no fan to be honest but I love the atmosphere there, and when Dublin (the home county) play there, it is an amazing feeling. No less last Sunday as the crowd filed into the stadium for the 4pm throw in. A win would secure the 4th Leinster final for Dublin, but defeat would be very hard to take. In the end, Dublin beat Wexford by a healthy margin of 25 points.. Hill 16 was the place to be that day!

If you were to go to YouTube now, you can see many clips of how great this Dublin team are. This is accompanied by commentators getting behind the team believing they can win the Sam Maguire this year. Meath are out, Kildare are out, Kerry are nearly out, so why not Dublin? I am a doubting Thomas though..I am not sure the guys can rise above the moment and win the trophy. Only Dublin can lose the All Ireland.

A Sporting Week

After starting the previous week with two days of pure delights at Euro 2008, I was brought back to earth again with no footie for the next two days..the pain of it all! It was like cold turkey…As I speak the final of Spain v Germany is on RTE. Spain are making a few good chances but I will be hoping for them to lift the cup at the end.

Turning from Euro 2008 to the Leinster football semi final in Croke park today. Dublin played Westmeath in a real David v Goliath match. The were close on 60 thousand people at it, mostly Dublin fans but that figure would probably have been higher if it were not for the rain to make an appearance. Dublin were not convincing at all and I’m worried about their form for the final in two weeks time. Dublin won 0-13 – Westmeath 1-08. Bring on Wexford!

The Week So Far..

Well we are halfway through the week and counting down the days to yet another weekend. The last few days have been busy but it is not as bad as this time last year. We had good times then. Plenty of good people around me but all but two have fled the roost! Does the words High Turnover mean anything you?
I was working on Saturday at the triple header at Croke Park. The main match being Laois v Wexford..a great win for Wexford and possible opponents of Dublin in the final in July. I’m really happy to see some of smaller counties making a name for themselves. Meath (the old greyhorse) fell at the first hurdle so it is all for the taking for Dublin next week.

 Mossie Quinn Dublin

Only one match left though, Dublin v Westmeath next Saturday. Morre of that later.

I also had a chance to sit down and watch some of the quarter finals of Euro 2008. It is exciting stuff at the moment…really happy that Spain are through to the Semis..however kind of deflated that Holland is not in the last four! We shall see what happens in the next few days..My bet is on Germany!