Saturday and all that’s in it!

I’ve just arrived in from a busy day in Croke Park at the Ireland v France game. Not really sure how Ireland played as I’m not really that much of a rugby fan but I’ve come away with a little more French than before. “Official match programme..6 euro” is what I normally scream in the best north Dublin accent going, but today, as the french were passing, I tried to brush up on my Leaving Certificate French with “Le programme officialle – – 6 euros!”. Much to the bemusement of some of the French who still couldn’t understand me. I must brush up.

After the snows of last week, there were doubts that the game could go ahead but it went ahead on time @5pm. Cue the rudimentary tasks of counting money and and it’s time for me to leave the ground and head home. I never mind working there and always watch the Dubs or the Irish soccer team play but I’m out of Croke Park as quick as I can when it comes to Rugby. Some may totally disagree with what I do but it might be an idea to ask some rugby fans if they followed the Dubs or Tyrone along the Championship road. It’s a matter of taste really.. Next up is the Ireland v Georgia international on this Wednesday but I am unsure if I can get there on time with work. It’s a tough ask to get to Drumcondra from Sandymount in half hour..after a tough day at the office too :).

There is not much more for me to say about the day other than following up on my previous post. I have downloaded a trial version of Ecto, a nice little desktop tool for blogging. It looks really good and an easy on the eye interface. This piece of software has a 21 day life span and then I have the option of buying the real deal after that, so if all goes well I will buy it. I will let you know. I had great difficulty in setting up the blog settings as I’m a complete amatuer and after much searching I got it working!

Now to watch Match of the Day and laugh at Chelsea’s season falling apart. Ciao!

A brief visit

I really need to apologise. I have been seriously neglecting this blog..something that I am working on though. Some news….first of all I am over my insurance exams and am fairly happy with one is in April. I am back in Croke Park again, more to come on that. Work is really picking up lately, hence the reason I am unable to write. I will be back in the next few days to write more. I am also looking for a tool that I can use to write posts on my desktop, rather than logging on and writing…any ideas? The difficulty I have at the moment is I am not an experienced WP user and this site is not hosted! Any help would be appreciated..Ciao!

Croke Park fixtures for 2009

We have just literally finished the use of croke park for 2008, and within days the new fixture list for 2009 has been announced. It is good to know what weekends I will be working though, whether if be rugby, soccer or GAA. 

So here are the list:

31st January National Football League Dublin v Kerry
7th February RBS Six Nations Ireland v France
11th February World Cup Qualifier (FAI) Republic of Ireland v Georgia
14th February  GAA All Ireland Intermediate/Junior Hurling Club Final
15th February GAA All Ireland Intermediate/Junior Football Club Final
28th February RBS Six Nations Ireland v England
17th March AIB All Ireland Club Finals
28th March World Cup Qualifier (FAI) Republic of Ireland v Georgia

Part of what we are

For the last three weeks Setanta Ireland has shown a programme about the history and roots of GAA and how it continues to play a part locally in Ireland. It’s a very interesting show however, as the channel is not widely available, the majority of Ireland are unaware of it.

Last July the show was being researched and put together and our local GAA club O Tooles GAC were invited to be part of the show and over the month of the July, it became used to the numerous cameras around the club. Also, while some in the club worked away in Croke Park on Sundays, the cameras came in and recorded what we do best.

The last episode, aired tonight, will feature O Tooles as well as 3 other clubs from around Ireland. Expect to see and hear my voice as I sell programmes in Croke Park. Not one for the faint hearted may I add. The club has organised a night for all members to watch the programme so it should be good to see all the hard work put in!

Thank God for Bank Holidays!

Another weekend behind me..and yet another Bank Holiday approaches…
It is August already and I remember (and it feels like) Christmas like it was yesterday. Apparently, the Winter season starts at the end of this month…all down hill from here on in. 🙂
The last few days have been strange..let me explain?
Friday I was on the cusp of a wave looking forward to a long weekend and a bit of time to myself. After a few drinks (free may I add) after work, everything seemed perfect.
Ok, so a few hours work in Croke Park both Sat and Sunday won’t hurt me? In a bit of a way it did..
Anyway, I am back to work tomorrow for quite possibly a busy week.

The All Ireland championship heats up!

Kerry v Monaghan two weeks ago

Kerry v Monaghan two weeks ago

Oh my oh my!

After two cracking games in Thurles last Sunday, we look forward to a weekend of epic football..not two games..but three games Saturday and Sunday. The times and dates of these games have been announced in the last 30 minutes before I write and as you would expect, all games are in Croke Park.

What an atmosphere it will be!

The times of each games are:
Saturday: 12pm: Antrim v Wicklow, in the Tommy Murphy cup final
2pm: Wexford v Down, the first qualifier of the All Ireland football chamipionship
4pm: Mayo v Tyrone, the 2nd qualifier

Sunday: 12pm: Sligo v Louth, the Nicky Rackard cup final (a bit like the 2nd division)
2pm: Fermanagh v Kildare, the 3rd qualifier
4pm: Kerry (the current All Ireland holders) v Mayo

All these draws can be seen here.
In these two days, there are 4 teams from the north playing, and their fans are nothing short of dedicated..they know how to support their counties. The winners of these qualifiers will go on to meet Dublin, Cork, Galway and Armagh.
Personally, I am looking forward to all these games but am really daunted by how busy it will be in there. Each day will bring close to 70,000 fans and I can see myself working close on 7 hours each much for the weekend eh?
At least we have the Dublin match to look forward to in two weeks time!

Only Dublin can lose the All-Ireland!

Dublin v Wexford

Dublin v Wexford

Really felt compelled to post something about the match last Sunday..Dublin v Wexford. Mainly as I was working at the game and there was close enough to a full house at the game..75,000. It was David v Golliath (sp) match with the Wexford contingent hoping to secure their first Leinster final win since 1956. I’m no fan to be honest but I love the atmosphere there, and when Dublin (the home county) play there, it is an amazing feeling. No less last Sunday as the crowd filed into the stadium for the 4pm throw in. A win would secure the 4th Leinster final for Dublin, but defeat would be very hard to take. In the end, Dublin beat Wexford by a healthy margin of 25 points.. Hill 16 was the place to be that day!

If you were to go to YouTube now, you can see many clips of how great this Dublin team are. This is accompanied by commentators getting behind the team believing they can win the Sam Maguire this year. Meath are out, Kildare are out, Kerry are nearly out, so why not Dublin? I am a doubting Thomas though..I am not sure the guys can rise above the moment and win the trophy. Only Dublin can lose the All Ireland.