First post of 2018..

I haven’t left you, you’ll be glad to hear.

I can’t believe it’s nearly a month since I last wrote here. Time flies so fast. I keep thinking of writing however. I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

I think about my upcoming Camino everyday. Some days I have concerns, some days I feel everything will be ok. I leave for Vigo in just over 100 days with my brother and we make our way to Santiago. That is May, however, and so much has happened in the meantime.

I have been busy assisting with the brand new online e-zine for Camino Society Ireland members. Members should have received instructions on how to view the e-zine yesterday. It is packed with articles and I must thank the contributors for their work. April 2018 and the Celtic Camino Festival is next on the radar. If you wish to subscribe to this new e-zine, you can become a member at You get so much more other than the e-zine, just to let you know.

So that explains my short term absence. I will be posting a lot more as the time draws closer to my departure to Spain.

One other thing, I am hoping to meeting the author of The Camino Way: Lessons in Leadership from a Walk Across Spain on Thursday, the 25th. Victor Prince has written an excellent book, and while I have not completed it yet, it is different to your average book on the Camino.  It is a combination of a travel guide and an invaluable set of lessons for success in life at home and at work. I’m looking forward to meeting him for a chat.


Yikes…where has the time gone!?!

Ok, I’ve a serious apology to make, not only to this blog but to all readers. I keep meaning to update this every so often but rarely have the time or the patience to do so. Even on weekends. It is a pity because I used to have great enjoyment writing posts when I started. It was a good idea to start off with but I’m not so sure. I’m not so good with commitment 🙂
I have been paying most of my attention to work, study and when I can to I can’t believe its over a month since I wrote my last post!! Since then I have enjoyed St Patricks Day, I have watched Ireland overcome Wales to win the Grand Slam and have also taken up an interest in classical music! For no apparent reason may I add.
Ok, so the plan is that I will keep this blog open, write on it whenever I can and try not to age too much. Don’t forget to follow me @clearskies if you wish! Talk soon.

A brief visit

I really need to apologise. I have been seriously neglecting this blog..something that I am working on though. Some news….first of all I am over my insurance exams and am fairly happy with one is in April. I am back in Croke Park again, more to come on that. Work is really picking up lately, hence the reason I am unable to write. I will be back in the next few days to write more. I am also looking for a tool that I can use to write posts on my desktop, rather than logging on and writing…any ideas? The difficulty I have at the moment is I am not an experienced WP user and this site is not hosted! Any help would be appreciated..Ciao!

Phew..It’s been a while…

It can’t be that long since I last wrote a piece? Yup! It is, and I am here to rectify that. Would love to be able to rewind the last few months and pick up where I left off. Soo much has happened since I wrote last. . .the economic downturn, the slowing down of ork to do at the office, and the minor fact that there is a new US preisient! Conftats to Mr Obama!

I have alos geleted my olb wtitter account in the meantime but hav a new once set up a new account if you would like to follow me.

So I guss it’s as you were from here on in!