Trailhead – City of the Saint Trailhead or Tobias Panwitz is a singer-songwriter from Germany. He has recorded three albums and has toured throughout Germany, Europe, and Canada. One of his more recent collection of songs, Keep Walking, was born out of walking in Spain. Tracks 4, 5 and the title track are favorites of mine. A number of... Continue Reading →

Home..but still on the Way..

My feet are in Dublin but my mind has been left somewhere between Leon and Astorga on the dusty trail. Sigh! All who I have met, broke bread and shared stories with are close to Santiago at this stage. How I wish I had continued my journey with them. But alas!, I must return to... Continue Reading →

Another passion of mine…

I'll let you into a little secret.. In another lifetime..well, not too long ago, I used to enjoy putting one word after the other to create sentences. From the age of 12 right up to my mid-20's, I got great enjoyment out of writing and playing guitar on a regular basis. It was a pretty fun... Continue Reading →

A little bit of Music?

Imagine the scene.. You have left your albergue, it is 7am in the morning and you are setting off alone. The sun has risen behind you and you have 7 hours of walking ahead of you. Sounds great, doesn't it? You look around and there are one or two other pilgrims behind you, while there... Continue Reading →

At long last..

It has finally happened folks! I have managed to purchase a ticket to see Sigur Ros when they play in Dublin in November. Ever since I heard them first in 2002 on a radio at half past midnight, I have been eager to see them. Unfortunately, their shows seem to sell out very very quickly.... Continue Reading →

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