Questions Whizzing Through my Head

16 days to go. Blimey! Is it right to not be prepared with such little time? This is Camino #6 now so I should really be a veteran at this stage? I look at my rucksack....empty..and my gear lying on the floor. The said gear should be in the aforementioned rucksack. Also, I have a number... Continue Reading →

Four months to go…

It seems like a long way away before I throw on my backpack and head back to Spain for another Camino, but I'm looking for ways to keep that Camino feeling. A fellow blogger has started her own walk from Sarria to Santiago and I've asked to be kept updated on her trip. No doubt... Continue Reading →

2016..'s got a nice ring to it, doesn't it? ..I haven't got used to writing it yet, but at least we have got one extra day to try and complete all those New Year's resolutions, eh? Christmas was good but I'm happy to be out of silly season. There wasn't much walking done however,... Continue Reading →

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