Organising your Camino de Santiago

When you make the decision to walk all or part of the Camino de Santiago, your most important question is have started your trip. However, you will have many other questions to will I get to Spain, what equipment will I bring, how fit do I need to be, what frame of mind... Continue Reading →

Por Que Peregrino? – Camino Stories

There's nothing more I enjoy than reading stories from peregrinos on arriving home. Some have found it life-changing while others not so. I have introduced some of that into this site with "Camino Through My Eyes". However, three guys have put together a great website with many different and varying stories. Nilanj Desai, David Franz and... Continue Reading →

Planning for 2017..already??

Well what do you know? This obsession knows no bounds. It's March 2016 and I'm in the early stages of planning for a May Camino in 2017. I mean I could be doing a whole host of things around that time! Surely this is not natural...? It is??? Oh ok.. I'll take your word for it... Continue Reading →

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