The Rain Jacket Dilemma


Ahem…sorry if I scared anyone with my opening line there but I may have cracked the one quandary I have left with my kit…the rain jacket. And it was purely incidental.

After yesterday’s rains, I woke this morning to discover my phone was unable to charge. So I needed to bring it to the local phone repair store to have it checked out. There was a possibility that the charging mechanism was water damaged, although I hoped that wasn’t the case. So I brought it to the store and the guy behind the counter had a look at it. After waiting 5 minutes for the phone to turn on, I saw the charging icon. It was just a false alarm. Phew! That will teach me to leave my phone cover at home while it rains!

While leaving the shopping centre, my brother and I passed a new Regatta Great Outdoors store and decided to check it out. I have been on the hunt for a more effective rain jacket since yesterday so maybe…just maybe..they may have something in stock. The brother was looking for hiking trousers as well and he bought his first pair of zip-off trousers and quick-dry socks. I will have him on the Camino in no time 🙂

While he was making his purchase, I asked one of the guys working there if he has any hi-end rain jackets in stock. He had Craghoppers, DareToBe and Regatta (obvs as it is a Regatta store!!). My ears perked when he mentioned Craghoppers. There was a good selection in stock and I tried on a few. Of the lot, the Kiwi Classic was the best and with a 10% sale, I bought it. So now I have another jacket to test and if it doesn’t do the job, I have 30 days to bring it back and get my money back. Win-win. My only concern is that it is slightly heavier than the Helly Hansen. We will wait and see what it is like on my next hike on the Grand Canal next Saturday, the 3rd.


In Bad Weather, I think of Sunny Spain

I write while most of Ireland is being bashed by storm force winds. The hatches have been battened down and Sunday should see an improvement.

Storm Desmond is it’s name.

This is the fourth storm in as many weeks we have been hit by and we have been accustomed to heavy winds, incessant rain and general foul weather. Before Desmond, we were greeted with Abigail, Barney, and Clodagh. To be fair, the west coast has been getting the brunt of the bad weather. I think of the homeless people also, who will struggle to find shelter. We, in Dublin, are hidden away relatively, like a child underneath a table when an aunt calls. We still have rain and wind however.


Storm Desmond

I can’t help but think of my times of Spain in times like these. Maybe it will change my mood? Maybe I won’t have to think of this weather too much then. I’ve been lucky not to walk in rain too much while on the Camino. My only experience  of rain was walking from Najera to Santo Domingo back in May 2013. It poured from the moment I left Najera..and it was windy, so double trouble. I had a decent enough poncho back then, but I still ended in Santo Domingo wet, and looking forward to get changed. The days in the sun have been so enjoyable though. Walking though the meseta in heat can be a real challenge for some, but I love it. I may experience a little more rain when I walk on the Camino Ingles through Galicia? Who knows!

I write this post hoping that my many memories in Spain will change how I’m feeling tonight..and in a way it has…so yeah! well done me!

Anyway…as the wind blows, it’s just a matter of time before the next storm approaches. Her name is Eva. I like the sound of that. I hope it’s calmer than Desmond.

Lost in Music AND L plated drivers!

It’s been a funny week so far.

It is Wednesday and you can really feel the nights getting shorter. Once a working day is over, I have three hours or so to be in working order for the next day..a bit like a car getting a going over by a mechanic. I’m having great difficulty in getting up every morning, so much so that I was late for work today,,ah damn the snooze button!! I must buy myself a big ben or something or better still a pair of cymbals 🙂

Once i get into work it is a case of buying my obligatory coffee and sausage roll..something to wake me up a second time..and it is heads down for the rest of the day. But what has kept me sane is my is like my little companion, I would be lost without it..and financially worse off too!

Walking to work on Tuesday was good fun, not only was it sunny but it was the first day the new laws on L plated drivers came into force. They are not really new laws but laws that have never been enforced since the 60s. So from now on, anyone on a provisional license in a car without a qualified driver will be fined. There were a lot less cars on the roads as a result..I agree with the above totally but will it be enforced is another story.

Well I’m off to get some sleep now but I will write soon.