Out with the Old – In with the New..

Shoes…they always need to be changed and I found that today was the best time to do it. My trusted pair of Jack Wolfskins that I bought in June last have served me well over two Caminos in September and May and the sole is well worn. Secondly, I have a voucher that is due to go out of date if not used! And lastly, I am walking two legs of the Lough Derg way next weekend. I would love some time to get used to them before then.

I went to Great Outdoors in the morning. Town was full of tourists plus there was a rugby game on. I probably would have chosen a less busier time if I knew about that. Anyway, I arrived there and had a look at what they had in stock. Plenty of Meindl, Saloman, North Face, Merrell and Colombia. No Jack Wolfskin however. Hmm. I like the pair I own but I didn’t want to leave the store empty handed. I have previously worn Colombia and North Face and I liked them so I took a look at those.

In the end, I chose a pair of Colombia Conspiracy Outdry. I’m looking for a lightweight shoe and one that dries quickly. I was told by the assistant that this is a great all round shoe. I’m happy with that. I’ll take it with me to Limerick and see how I get on over the two days. YouTube reviews are positive on the whole and the only concern I have is what would happen if it is hot. I’ll take them out tomorrow and see how I get on.


Another late addition to the kit…

Another late addition to the kit...

I just hope I’m not too late buying these.
My current trail shoe (the amazing Columbia Peakfreak Enduro) won’t be joining me in September. The reason for this is the shoe is too tight and I need a little more width. They are the best pair of trail shoes I have bought in a while and will continue to wear them out but they aren’t suitable for walking more than 20k. My toes will thank me!
I ventured back to Great Outdoors (my favourite store in Dublin!) and got some great advice. This pair, Jack Wolfskin Mountain Attack shoe, felt great when I tested it in the store. I was told it is totally waterproof, breathable and there is plenty of room around the toes. The assistant owns a pair so that was enough for me.
Now I just need to break them in, and I hope three months is enough time. If not, I will go back to my previous pair and hope my toes are fine!