Returning from Spain..

I am back home in Dublin about 5 hours as I write this. I have returned from walking about 11 days of the Camino and the last few weeks have yet to sink in. It will take me a few days to update my blog to tell you about my time there but at this moment... Continue Reading →

Not long now..

Four days from now and I will be in France waiting to "go over the top" and start the first stage of the Camino. My first day is on Thursday from St Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles which is approx 26km over a section of the Pyrenees. I'm ready for it and to be... Continue Reading →

50 days or so to go..

I have a little under 2 months before I throw my backpack back on again. My postponed Camino starts on the 4th of September, after I leave Dublin on the 3rd. Not long to go. I haven't done particularly much since I took the decision to postpone, as you can tell from my low number... Continue Reading →

Camino Nev – a long walk

A long time follower has just completed a trek from Prague to Finistere via Santiago de Compostela. Nev started out in March and passed through 4 countries before reaching Spain. The trek was over 3000km long and one I would love to do. You can read his story from the start here.

May becomes September…

Just thought I'd update you all on my plans for next week's Camino. I'm postponing it unfortunately. I've pushed it back until the start of September which takes me past the busy period in Spain. My toe, while getting better, is not 100% and I don't want to leave anything to chance if I go.... Continue Reading →

Not long now.. Not long before I throw on my backpack and travel back to Spain. May 28th to be precise. You should see my has a countdown on it showing how many days I have left. But at the same time, I am also dreading the return flight home. I so wish this... Continue Reading →

Packing Lists..

Packing lists. Everyone is writing one up these days. I never saw the need to do one, but below is a list of what I am bringing to Spain. I have a few more things to get, but most of what I have, has been used over the course of two years. I am pretty... Continue Reading →

A different way of taking notes..

I have a bad memory.No really, it is poor...Luckily enough I have this blog to remind me of the last few summers in Spain. They have been interesting and here's to many more in the future, not only in Spain but further afield. But I am going to record my upcoming Camino a little differently.... Continue Reading →

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