Typing while I think!

I just thought I’d pop my head in and let you know what’s happening here in Dublin. I’m currently on a break from work until Tuesday, something I’ve been looking forward to for a while. Ordinarily I would travel to the country, places like Wexford, Cork or Galway, but I have an exam upcoming so I need to work on that. My usual un-organised self..leaving everything until the last moment..drastic stuff! 🙂
It is Good Friday today and while some people believe that this is a Happy day, I was brought up to believe that this is a solemn, quiet and mournful day….like someone had died, I guess! While that was the case, times have changed since then, people get on with their lives and the Easter season is not as much on our minds as years gone by. I have to admit I love devouring choco eggs, which have nothing to do with Easter 🙂 I am back to work on Tuesday, after a Bank Holiday on Monday. No rest for me though. I have a few hours to read over “The Law of Tort” for insurance purposes. Boring!
Moving on, I am a Man Utd fan for more than 20 years and while I am so used to them winning, it is very hard to take watching them play bad, or lose convincingly, like they have in the last month. I still believe we can win the Premier League but this season is not for fans with dodgy hearts. As far as I’m concerned, and there may be United fans who disagree with me, but I don’t believe we can win the Champions League. Barcelona have that sown up and while it would be great to win or even take part in the final, our performance against Porto surely made Barcelona fans snigger!
Right! I better log off and get some study done. The next few weeks will be busy for me. I will be twittering during that time and I hope to post again very soon.

Spoiled for Choice

RTÉ Sport: Sunday’s Live Sport

Well today is probably the busiest day for Irish and UK sport in a long time. Not only are Ireland going for two wins from two in Rugby as they play Italy, there is a host of hurling and football games throughout the country. Dublin play Galway in both football and hurling while Kilkenny start off their campaign against Limerick.

Further to these, the FA cup continues across the water with Manchester United square up with Derby..AGAIN! And added to this is the Old Firm derby in Glasgow! TV viewers will be spoilt for choice as viewers who are not into sport will need to find other activities to take part in!

Personally speaking, I will be working in Croke Park, not at an Allianz league match, but at the All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Football finals. Approximately 4000 fans will be in attendance and somay may wonder why the GAA bother to open up the ground for this challenge match. Anyway, I shall go with radio in hand listening in to all the news.

Rub of the green in Croke Park

Rub of green keeps lucky Trap smiling – Soccer – Independent.ie.

Ireland were, once again, very lucky to win. This time against Georgia in Croke Park. It was a very cold night with an estimated 50 thousand watching. A goal in the 1st minute by Georgia was completely against the script as there were alot of talking about how many would Ireland score! Luckily on the 74th minute, we were rewarded a penalty and to be honest the Georgians were hard done by. It simply wasn’t a penalty but Robbie Keane didn’t protest as he kicked the ball home to level the score. Four minutes later, Keane scored again to put us one ahead. From then on in, Ireland sat back and soaked up the pressure. It was a good win but very painful to watch. If only Ireland could play good football.

Saturday and all that’s in it!

I’ve just arrived in from a busy day in Croke Park at the Ireland v France game. Not really sure how Ireland played as I’m not really that much of a rugby fan but I’ve come away with a little more French than before. “Official match programme..6 euro” is what I normally scream in the best north Dublin accent going, but today, as the french were passing, I tried to brush up on my Leaving Certificate French with “Le programme officialle – – 6 euros!”. Much to the bemusement of some of the French who still couldn’t understand me. I must brush up.

After the snows of last week, there were doubts that the game could go ahead but it went ahead on time @5pm. Cue the rudimentary tasks of counting money and and it’s time for me to leave the ground and head home. I never mind working there and always watch the Dubs or the Irish soccer team play but I’m out of Croke Park as quick as I can when it comes to Rugby. Some may totally disagree with what I do but it might be an idea to ask some rugby fans if they followed the Dubs or Tyrone along the Championship road. It’s a matter of taste really.. Next up is the Ireland v Georgia international on this Wednesday but I am unsure if I can get there on time with work. It’s a tough ask to get to Drumcondra from Sandymount in half hour..after a tough day at the office too :).

There is not much more for me to say about the day other than following up on my previous post. I have downloaded a trial version of Ecto, a nice little desktop tool for blogging. It looks really good and an easy on the eye interface. This piece of software has a 21 day life span and then I have the option of buying the real deal after that, so if all goes well I will buy it. I will let you know. I had great difficulty in setting up the blog settings as I’m a complete amatuer and after much searching I got it working!

Now to watch Match of the Day and laugh at Chelsea’s season falling apart. Ciao!

So today I ran a 10k

and it was a great day…
I turned up at 9.30 with already a good crowd around. Some guy in the background mentioned there were 2400 runners so I was surprised with that amount. Here I am dressed up in tracksuit bottoms and a dodgy hoody-top and join the crowd who look professional enough, going through their warm up routines and stretches. I felt so out of place. I don’t usually run, in fact, I NEVER run!! Walking is more my thing.  

The starting whistle is blown and I’m waiting for a reaction. The crowd start to move..do I run or do I walk?? I ran!! That was a big no-no for me before I started. By the time I hit the 1k mark my shins were in bad shape, so I relaxed and walked the rest. The crowd started to spread, there were guys who were doing this for years who were in mood to hang about. There were ladies with prams who only turned out to see the surroundings of the Phoenix Park. I’m afraid I didn’t fit into any of camps! 

To cut to the short anyway, I finished it off in an hour and 20 mins which is far quicker than I expected. I’m happy with the day and fact that I have raised some funds for Aware. And I even got a medal 🙂 that’s one for the lads in work!

Thank God for Bank Holidays!

Another weekend behind me..and yet another Bank Holiday approaches…
It is August already and I remember (and it feels like) Christmas like it was yesterday. Apparently, the Winter season starts at the end of this month…all down hill from here on in. 🙂
The last few days have been strange..let me explain?
Friday I was on the cusp of a wave looking forward to a long weekend and a bit of time to myself. After a few drinks (free may I add) after work, everything seemed perfect.
Ok, so a few hours work in Croke Park both Sat and Sunday won’t hurt me? In a bit of a way it did..
Anyway, I am back to work tomorrow for quite possibly a busy week.

Only Dublin can lose the All-Ireland!

Dublin v Wexford

Dublin v Wexford

Really felt compelled to post something about the match last Sunday..Dublin v Wexford. Mainly as I was working at the game and there was close enough to a full house at the game..75,000. It was David v Golliath (sp) match with the Wexford contingent hoping to secure their first Leinster final win since 1956. I’m no fan to be honest but I love the atmosphere there, and when Dublin (the home county) play there, it is an amazing feeling. No less last Sunday as the crowd filed into the stadium for the 4pm throw in. A win would secure the 4th Leinster final for Dublin, but defeat would be very hard to take. In the end, Dublin beat Wexford by a healthy margin of 25 points.. Hill 16 was the place to be that day!

If you were to go to YouTube now, you can see many clips of how great this Dublin team are. This is accompanied by commentators getting behind the team believing they can win the Sam Maguire this year. Meath are out, Kildare are out, Kerry are nearly out, so why not Dublin? I am a doubting Thomas though..I am not sure the guys can rise above the moment and win the trophy. Only Dublin can lose the All Ireland.