¡Buen camino! documentary on TVE

I first became aware of the above programme on Spanish TV channel “RTVE” last weekend when it popped up on my Facebook feed. I immediately went to the channel’s website and watched the first episode which is available for streaming for quite a while. The programme is broadcast each Thursday at 12.25am but is uploaded for viewing online right after.


I then saw a post by Cathy Seitchik Diaz on the Facebook group September, 2017 – Camino de Santiago. Cathy has just returned from her 3rd Camino and I wanted to know how she got on, so I messaged her. When she replied she told me that she had been interviewed by the producers of ¡Buen camino! and she is due to be on Episode 6. I thought Wow!!

The documentary follows a Spanish pilgrim, Marta Márquez, as she walks from Villafranca del Bierzo to Santiago on the Camino Frances. On her way, she meets many pilgrims from all over the world. We hear about their experiences and the reasons that led them to do this challenge. There are also short segments about the different Caminos, how to achieve your Compostela and what kit to carry. The first show started on July 13th and it will continue for a further 9 weeks – each week for each etapa.

The program discovers stories such as ……
– Cathy (above), a teacher from San Francisco, California, who carried her mother’s ashes with her;
– Irene and Sam, a mother and her 3 year old son riding a bicycle. They discover landscapes and areas of Galicia that they will never forget;
– Derek, a former Irish soldier stationed in Iraq. He found on the Way the remedy for its nightmares and disturbing visions.

You can view the 2 episodes shown so far by clicking on the links below –

¡Buen camino! Episode 1 – www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/buen-camino/buen-camino-programa-1/4114558/

¡Buen camino! Episode 2 – www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/buen-camino/buen-camino-programa-2/4125643/

The episodes are broadcast in Spanish however there are subtitles. If you do know of a way to change the subtitles to English, please let me know. For me however, having subtitles as it is, it is a great way of improving my Spanish as I understand most of what is being said when I read it.

I’m looking forward to seeing Cathy following our chat and I would love to have her contribute to our “Your Stories, Your Camino” series sometime in the future.

Buen Camino!

PS…please read Cathy’s comment below if you wish to change the subtitles to English. Her instructions are extremely helpful. I will upload a post about Cathy’s recent Camino shortly. Keep your eye on this space! 🙂 

Camino de Santiago programme on BBC!!

Camino de Santiago programme on BBC!!

A preview…

Before I left on my trip to Spain in May, I remember reading about a series on BBC about the CdeS. I didn’t take much notice of it, as there are so many documentaries and programmes on TV about the pilgrimage. However, while I was walking through Itero de la Vega at the start of June, I bumped into a number of camera men who were shooting a scene. “Can I be on telly?” was one of the questions I put to them. Way to go David!

Anyway, the series starts tomorrow on BBC2 for UK and Ireland folks. More information can be seen by clicking on the link. Let’s hope this series is a little more honest than the film I choose not to mention 😉

Apres Match is back for Euro 2012

I have just heard the Apres Match guys are back on RTE for Euro 2012. I’m delighted to hear this as they are one of the main reasons I watch Ireland’s games on RTE. Gary Cooke, Barry Murphy and Risteard Cooper have been around since Euro ’96 and although people think they are well past it, they manage to keep things fresh.

Here is a sketch performed a few days ago to announce their return; Risteard as Trappatoni and Barry as his translator, Manuela

Spoiled for Choice

RTÉ Sport: Sunday’s Live Sport

Well today is probably the busiest day for Irish and UK sport in a long time. Not only are Ireland going for two wins from two in Rugby as they play Italy, there is a host of hurling and football games throughout the country. Dublin play Galway in both football and hurling while Kilkenny start off their campaign against Limerick.

Further to these, the FA cup continues across the water with Manchester United square up with Derby..AGAIN! And added to this is the Old Firm derby in Glasgow! TV viewers will be spoilt for choice as viewers who are not into sport will need to find other activities to take part in!

Personally speaking, I will be working in Croke Park, not at an Allianz league match, but at the All Ireland Intermediate and Junior Football finals. Approximately 4000 fans will be in attendance and somay may wonder why the GAA bother to open up the ground for this challenge match. Anyway, I shall go with radio in hand listening in to all the news.

So, do you want to be famous?

All you need to do is find two cute kids, place them sitting beside each other and wait! Encourage one to bite a finger or two, that helps…but if that fails, try to make the younger kid laugh…extra bonus points! 

It sounds like a strange situation to be in alright but one of the highest viewed videos on YouTube is called “Charlie bit my finger!” which shows two young children doing exactly the same as I have explained above. Millions have viewed them and their family have been made famous as a result.

Apparantly, cuteness wins!

Happy New Year!

So 2009 is here! I had intended to wish in the New Year at the Damien Dempsey gig in Vicar Street but decided against it, mainly due to pretty much everyone hiking their prices up for the night. So I stayed in with the family, watched a selection of shows on RTE, TV3 and BBC and argued over the highlights and lowlights of 2008!
RTE1 started off taking a humourous look at the year which left my family baffled. I’m not sure they “got” it! Ryan Tubridy took hold of the evening from 11pm onwards leaving part of the family breathless at his every word! But in all honesty, he is a complete t*t and really should not be allowed on tv 🙂 BBC2 held probably the best and most enjoyable New years show, just a pity I missed it. From previous years, Jools Holland Hootananny is just spot on and am always “chooning” in when I sit in for the New Year.
I did not decide to make any resolutions this year, mainly because I have rarely kept them in the past. I have, however, set two goals for myself..1) do a long run every weekend and 2) ease back a bit more with spending and really give an extra push in finding a new home!
Bring it on!

33 years young!

So today I turned 33…….yep! I’m becoming more of a thirty something every year. Times flies when you’re having fun eh? I have to say I still feel 25, even though it’s very hard to remember back that far! Anyway….I started off the day in the office and after cashing out on a few cakes and general goodies for the guys (it’s a tradition that whoever celebrates must buy the goodies), I got started on what was a very slack day…mainly due to the economic climate but I’ll leave that for another time!

The guys in the office also got talking about Prime Time Investigates on RTE last night. Basically, the show tapped into consumers’ frustration at not receiving good customer service, and how various companies deal with dissatisfied customers. The company I work for specifically deals with customers / consumers and I guess we are aware of the high level of expectations that customers wish to receive but it was almost laughable at the levels of bad service some companies provide. And from the few conversations I had with customers today, it seemed the programme made them more aware of what kind of service they should be receiving. 

So I got home just after 6, had a bite to eat and dived into watching a dvd, my solitary birthday gift :). I’m so glad it was The best of the Panel. Easily the best programme on RTE. I’m off work now until next Monday..yesssss!