A Busy Week…and some Spanish lessons

If you live in Ireland, or even in Europe, you will know of the weather we have had over the last week. As I type, Storm Brian is passing over this part of the world blowing winds and delivering rain to parts of southern Ireland. However, Storm Brian's predecessor, Ex-Hurricane Ophelia was far more destructive.... Continue Reading →

Sun? Rain? Snow?,, The Irish are the best for talking about the weather. Whether it is the one or two lines to start a conversation or the many trending topics you come across on Twitter. You see, the weather here is out of the ordinary over the last few weeks. Up to Monday (22nd July)... Continue Reading →

The sun has shown up…

...and is a little late to the party! We are in the middle of a heat wave here in Ireland. Eventually! Yesterday we had temperatures reaching 30c and while this does not sound high for those in Europe or western American states, it's a little too warm here. We haven't got the best record for... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things..

I have three days left before I leave for Spain..Tres dias!! How time flies. I remember getting home last year and deciding I wanted to go back while treating what was left of my feet. I promised to do things this differently, but hey! I'm not one for changing..or maybe it is, I try but... Continue Reading →

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