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The Meseta is on my mind…

My last time on the Camino was in September 2019. Such a long time when I look back on it. I had walked from Lisbon to Agueda on the Camino Portugués – close to 350 kilometres. I arrived home and immediately made plans to return the following year. But, as we all know, that didn’t happen and here we are are today. At the time of writing, I have 9 days until my next Camino – the meseta is on my mind.

Let me tell you how I got here! Because Burgos was not my original destination. I had booked a Ryanair flight to Porto in early 2020 hoping for a April 2020 Camino but due to travel restrictions, I was unable to leave Ireland. I then changed that flight from Porto to Madrid and decided on a meseta Camino for 2021. I am looking forward to Porto for next year. Anyway, so seeing that the situation in Spain was improving, I gathered my thoughts and my Camino gear! I had to be positive. So I booked a return flight from Bilbao hoping to walk with my camiga Linda (www.somewhereslowly.com) from Burgos. Everything was looking rosey and the meseta was indeed on my mind.

The meseta is on my mind...
Burgos gothic Cathedral

There was slight disappointment last month when I received an email from Aer Lingus to say that the flight from Bilbao was cancelled. Luckily enough, I managed to find a replacement flight home from Madrid. All is well.

Am I ready for the Meseta?

So what preparation have I carried out this year compared to others? Well none really, I am sorry to say. I am hoping that I will gain my Camino fitness as the days go on. I don’t plan on walking huge distances each day and unlike previous years, I don’t expect to leave at crazy o clock. The terrain is relatively flat (other than the Alto de Mostolares) so I am just looking for good food and good company. Some pilgrims even skip this section altogether – however I am looking forward to it.

Mentally I am ready. I am super excited about this and happy to have the chance to go. I need to put more time into journaling though. I found from my last Camino I didn’t journal which meant I had no ideas to blog when I came home. This year I hope to write as much as I can so I can post here when I return – both about the scenery and the inner journey.

I will post my kit in my next post so you will get an idea of what I am carrying.

More to come before I go!

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  1. Buen Camino, David. Enjoy the experience. I hope to get over there next year. See you sometime at Camino Society event.

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