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Weekend Watch #30 – Camino na Saile (Camino by Sea)

This Weekend Watch is a little bit special. The reason for that is because it is not something you come across regularly. The Camino is usually walked and cycled but in this case, a group of men from Ireland decided to embark on the journey to Santiago by boat; in a traditional Irish currach. They didn’t do this over one year but they have two years completed. In May / June of 2016, they will complete the last stage to Santiago. They started at St. James’ Gate in Dublin and have visited Wales, Cornwall, Brittany; all Celtic regions and closely associated with Galicia and the north of Spain.

The below video was released last week and is a trailer before the finished film is released in the summer. Full details about the film and the men themselves can be found on http://www.anupictures.com/project/camino. I can’t wait until they reach Spain.

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    1. I’m really looking forward to the end result. You can see from the clip that our Celtic cousins in Brittany and Cornwall have great fondness for the Irish. I’m sure it will be the same when they reach the northern Spanish coast.

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