Weekend Watch #30 – Camino na Saile (Camino by Sea)

This Weekend Watch is a little bit special. The reason for that is because it is not something you come across regularly. The Camino is usually walked and cycled but in this case, a group of men from Ireland decided to embark on the journey to Santiago by boat; in a traditional Irish currach. They didn’t do this over one year but they have two years completed. In May / June of 2016, they will complete the last stage to Santiago. They started at St. James’ Gate in Dublin and have visited Wales, Cornwall, Brittany; all Celtic regions and closely associated with Galicia and the north of Spain.

The below video was released last week and is a trailer before the finished film is released in the summer. Full details about the film and the men themselves can be found on http://www.anupictures.com/project/camino. I can’t wait until they reach Spain.

Written by Clearskies Camino