Weekend Watch #80 – Camino Update

Happy weekend pilgrims. We at Clearskies Camino.com woke up with good news and with our Weekend Watch series, we want to show you a video!

This used to be a weekly tradition – I might even start this back – YouTube has come alive with new content. In time, we may see some videos of pilgrims on the Camino again! The news from the Spanish media that mobility restrictions have been relaxed has reinvigorated me. There is a real possiblility that the Camino is opening to pilgrims this Summer. Following my previous post, I thought I would post this short video podcast from Kevin Donohue – an American pilgrim. He looks into his crystal ball and talks about what the next few months will be like in Spain for pilgrims. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is high demand from pilgrims to travel as soon as possible and I hope common sense will prevail until the vaccination rate in Spain is higher.

The podcast does a good job at explaining that each country is experiencing Covid differently and that we should should quite rightly respect those countries restrictions. That said, the EU Commission have voted on the green digital pass which will be introduced before the Summer. This will allow international non-essential travel for vaccinated pilgrims or those who can show a negative pcr test.

The news today from Spain was a added bonus. The Spanish government now has removed mobility restrictions which essentially allows Spanish pilgrims walk any route to Santiago. The Camino de Santiago is slowly opening up to more pilgrims and it is just a matter of time before we see crowds in front of the cathedral in Santiago. I look forward to the day! Until then, it is slowly, slowly!

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Buen Camino!

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