Double D4 Run & New Shoes!

The weekend so far has been great..get out and enjoy it if you can! Fine weather, a perfect Friday night and win in a raffle….. and it’s only Saturday. You can’t beat that!

First of all, last evening, I walked just over 5km in a fun run / walk event with all proceeds going to cancer research. This was the Double D4 Run. The course of the run was on Sandymount Strand, a stretch of beach along the south cost of Dublin. Over 250 took part and I clocked in at 47 minutes. Not bad for just walking. The winner arrived home in 18 minutes. Unbelievable. I often wish I could run but I run into pain (pardon the pun!) with my tendons and shin splints. If you can think of a way to get me running, leave a comment below!

After the race, a delicious BBQ was made available to all and some great music was played. There were some great prizes also. I won a voucher for a pair of Brooks runners / trail shoes! At first, I didn’t know a whole deal about the brand. I had worn Colombia, North Face and Meindl on all my Caminos and I was quite happy with them. However with a little research, it appears that they are very popular in the US and well recommended as a trail shoe. So, after speaking to Drew over on, I was recommended the Brooks Cascadia 11. Now I need to call the Irish rep to arrange a fitting. It’s a pretty decent prize, so I’d like to thank whoever arranged that.


I’m also well into my preparations for the Gudbransdalen in Norway. May 2018 is pretty much set in stone at the moment. So far, I have purchased a Therm-a-rest Z-lite Sol sleeping mat (above), an Alpkit Hunka bivvy bag (which I have yet to receive), and Alison Raju’s Guide to the walk to Trondheim. Onwards to adventure..


Weekend Watch #23 – One Minute Camino

Now that Christmas and New Year is over, I have finally arrived back to normality. I seemed to have let the Weekend Watch series drop for the last while so the first video of 2016 is from a guy who has been uploading one minute videos from his Camino. This is unique. What I like about the video is there is no talking, we just get the sights. At the moment, the uploader has 7 videos on YouTube, his first one is below:

Weekend Watch #18 – To The End of the World (on the Camino de Santiago)

Before I mention this week’s “Weekend Watch”, I want to send out my thoughts to the people of France following last night’s events. Like most people, I watched the news as the events unfolded and the numbers of dead increased. I met so many good people from France on my times on the Camino.

This week’s clip from the Camino is uploaded by a guy from the US. It’s one of the better videos out there and is 35 minutes long, so if you have some time to spare, you should watch it. He went through alot of pain, it has to be said!

To the End of the World (on the Camino de Santiago) from Hank Leukart on Vimeo

Weekend Watch #17 – El Camino de Santiago (1000km)

Another weekend has arrived and yes, it can only mean one thing…here’s another weekend watch!! 🙂

Here is a great 5 minute summary of a full Camino uploaded to YouTube in the last week. The start of the clip has a great phrase: “Everywhere is within walking distance, if you have the time“, which is very true. I long to have the time to walk 1000km. It’s great that the uploader managed to take clips of the running of the bulls in Pamplona and some of the festivities in Navarra.

You can find my Camino de Santiago playlist on YouTube and the full “Weekend Watch” archive is located here.


Weekend Watch #16 – The Meseta

It’s the weekend once again, folks, and another “weekend watch” is due. This clip shows one man’s walk from the start to the end of the Meseta on the Camino Frances. The Meseta is the central Spanish tableland, which divides the Camino Frances between Burgos and Astorga. It is a part of Spain known among pilgrims for its wide skies and flat lands, all of which mess with perceptions of time and distance. Some people find this part of the Camino daunting as it is likely to get under your skin, test your mind, and confront your heart. As a result, many people choose to skip this section by bus. I have walked the Meseta in 2013 and 2015 and much prefer it to Galicia or Navarra. I can’t wait to go back!

You can also find my Camino de Santiago playlist here.

One more exam over…

It is Thursday evening at last. The week has dragged in and all my thoughts are on the weekend..roll on! The last few days have been a bit manic and I haven’t had a chance to do what I would like to do when I get home….go for a walk, listen to some music and even write something on this well neglected blog. I am due to sit my annual review any time this week and have been preparing for that. It has not happened though. After the end of each day, we were promised it would be the day after..maybe tomorrow? I just need to get this over and face the music as I did last time. I have no problem accepting constructive criticism..I love getting feedback but this feedback is getting boring now. Very repetitive! On a positive note, you remember me posting that I was sitting an insurance exam? Well I passed it! Being relieved is an understatement. The minute I heard they were out, I rang home, asked for the envelope to be opened and to my amazement I was told there is a big “P” beside my name. A voice inside me screamed but somehow the whole office heard it! Should have kept it to myself as I knew some had failed it. Two more exams to go and I am qualified in what ever I do..daydreaming or something like that! I have the Tottenham match here on telly as I write so I’ll sit back and hope for a Shaktar Donesk win 🙂 Ciao!

Sunday Snow!

Snow in Ireland

Snow in Ireland

Yet again Ireland woke up to a blanket of snow. Pretty much all of Leinster and Connaught have been hit with the biggest snowfall in the Midlands. Kids are having a field day with the possibility of some schools being closed for a further few days. And for transport in Dublin…the possibility of it grinding to a halt! This kind of weather is becoming more and more rare in Ireland throughout the years so maybe its best to enjoy it!