It’s the Weekend again!

Hi guys, its the weekend again and those few days flew. It has been a busy few days.. It is important to keep yourself busy, especially where we are today. In Ireland, we have a Public Holiday on Monday so I am going to think about where I will walk this time around. Oh, I am sure you are dying to know.

As some of you know, especially those of you in Ireland, the restrictions will be loosened from May 18th which could see me back in the office in August. It is still a long time away. From now until May 18th, we are able to walk up to 5km from our home. A great website to find out where you can or can’t walk is I can take a trip to the beach!

Another piece of news is that folks over the age of 70, who have up to now been cocooning, can go on daily walks up to 5 km. This is great news as I know some people who have been hidden away and are losing a little bit of sanity.

So from May 18th, the restrictions will be gradually eased. I for one hope to see my folks and family over the next few weeks. It’s been a long time and I do miss them.

And finally, news from Spain. Their own restrictions are being lifted. Over the course of the year, the many pilgrims hostels will adapt to the new Camino and the new normal. Many albergues will have to change due to social distance requirements. One thing is for sure, we won’t see hundreds of bunkbeds in an albergue again until a vaccine has been found. This article talks about the work that needs to be made to albergues to co-exist with Covid. Many pilgrims may wait until there is a vaccine, some will prefer to travel. All I know is the vaccine could be with us sooner than we think.

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