The journey makes you a pilgrim…

I was just putting the final touches to part of our Camino talk (which is on the 11th of September) and came across this verse. It is actually taken from a YouTube video, made by Andrew Suzuki…the same man who has created the brilliant “Don’t Stop Walking” and “Beyond the Way” series.

I thought I’d write it out for you..

The journey makes you a pilgrim, because the way to Santiago is not only a track to be walked nor a test to reach any reward.
El Camino de Santiago is a parable and a reality at once, because it is done both within and outside a specific time that it takes to walk each stage.
The Camino makes you simpler, because the lighter the pack, the less strain on your back and more you will experience how little you need to be alive.
The Camino makes you brother or sister, what ever you have you must be ready to share because even if you started out on your own, you will meet companions
The Camino breeds about community, community that greets the other, that takes interest in the other, and that talks and shares with the other.
The Camino calls you to contemplate, to be amazed, to welcome, to interiorise, to stop, to be quiet, to listen to, to admire, to bless nature, our companions on the journey, our own selves, God.

If you want to see the video, click here.

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