Not long now (& recent purchases!)

I’m smiling as I write this.

I hope (and want) to be back in Spain in September but I have nothing planned…no leave booked, no flights tickets bought, nothing. In previous years, I would have everything arranged and would only be counting down the days on my Camino-themed laptop desktop! (Yes, I’m obsessed!) It’s actually the least prepared I’ve ever been for a trip. But does it bother me? Nope! I have a feeling it will work out fine. I might have to pay a little bit extra for flights but that’s not a problem.

However, the one thing that I have prepared is my kit. Over the last few weeks, I have been putting together my packing list for the next time I put my feet on Spanish soil. I haven’t given my kit much thought since I returned last May and now is an ideal time to do that. I was given vouchers by family and friends for my favourite store, Great Outdoors and bought 2 items there. I also bought 2 items on Amazon, which I have used over the years. So I may as well get started:

Helly Hansen Velocity Fleece – I have worn light fleeces since I started out on the Camino.


My favourite brand would be Helly Hansen but Berghaus are pretty good too.  Last year, I bought a Helly Hansen Daybreak Quarter Zip, but what I have chosen is a full-zip. Ideal for cold mornings.

Bridgedale Men’s Coolfusion Run Speed Demon Socks – I have been a big fan of 1000 mile fusion socks since 2012. I never saw the need for a change.


But, I just decided to give these a go. I haven’t actually tested them out on a long walk, but I will do so soon. I have never worn short socks either, so I’m in the deep end here. They look great though!!

Craghoppers Kiwi Men’s Long Sleeved Shirt – I’m a big fan of shirts while on the Camino. You have the collar if it is too warm, and you can roll down the sleeves if it is too cold / warm.


Last year, my brand of choice was Columbia but it is just a little worn so I’ve bought a Craghoppers to bring the average age of my kit down a little. Here’s hoping it lasts a little longer. It’s quick dry also which is a plus in my books.

And finally, I bought an Icebreaker Tech Tee Lite Shortsleeve. I has got to be merino for me. It is red – meh..the colour is not a problem, but I bought it as there was a sale on 🙂 I still have a Helly Hansen Polo neck tee shirt which is perfect..light, quick dry. I wore it last year and it caused me no problems. So I guess I will wait until closer to the day before I decide which of those I choose. Maybe both!


So I don’t think I will add to my kit until closer to the time. I’m quite happy with what I have now.

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  1. I’m doing the same thing! “Did the last one work well? If not, replace!” Testing out the gear, weighing it all… Exciting! Buen camino!


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