Back to the Camino Portugués de la Costa

Boy, did I plan this in advance?

I usually leave the flights or whatever until after Christmas but if you read my last post I had been doing a little bit of planning for next Camino. I have decided to walk from Porto along the Coastal Path and hopefully arrive in Santiago within 2 weeks.

I have booked a Ryanair flight to Porto on the 27th of September 2020. I have no idea what I will be doing around that time but I feel good locking in the flight. The plan is to walk to the cathedral in Porto, get my first sello and catch the metro to my hostel in Matasinhos, which is 12 km from the city. I will be avoiding the industrial part of the city and it makes a nicer start of a walk the following day. I will book a hostel in Matasinhos closer to the time.

I have already walked from A Guarda to Santiago (165 km) in May 2018 and I am excited to see some of the towns again. Towns like Oia, Baiona and Pontevedra. I will see some new towns, of course, in Portugal.

Santa Maria de Oia

However, there is always one town…..Vigo! Last year, I didn’t enjoy my time there. I arrived in just as a ferry from England docked carrying tourists and I just felt it wasn’t a pilgrim town. There are also a real lack of arrows. Hopefully, my time there next year will be different. This week, it was announced that the authorities in Vigo will place stone markers to help pilgrims. Vigo is a very large city and one of the largest ports in Spain.

I have no return flight booked yet but my intention is to book it before I leave. I have been looking at the guidebook briefly. All the stages seem relatively short and compared to the central route, it is not challenging. There are opportunties to take alternative routes, with all Caminos and I may take them to vary things.

However, we are looking too far into the future. What I need to do first is buy a new backpack as my current one is torn. So I will be shopping shortly. And I will be walking shortly too.

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