Camino Francés 2021 – Day 6 – Ledigos to Sahagún

September 6th 2021 – Day 6

Morning had come too early and most of the eager pilgrims had left the albergue. I struggled to escape from my comfortable cubby hole and gathered my things. Today would be a short day but it would be my 2nd to last. Time was running out gah!. After waiting for the breakfast bar to open, I grabbed my gear and walked on. The temperature was due to drop today and the forecast predicted a few showers to cool us down before the day was out. This was a little bit of relief. From Ledigos to Sahagún, there are no great surprises with another magical sunrise, and more rolling hills.

Ledigos to Sahagún

I decided to walk along the road instead of sticking to the Senda. The odd car passed by which prompted me to move in to the side. Passing through Terradillos brings back memories of my stay there in 2013 and 2017. The town was asleep so I walked on. Moratinos is the next town and has colourful decorations hanging from each tree. Before arriving at the town, I see a sign telling me to go to the 2nd bar. Apparently, Socrates knows a thing or two. However when I see a gang of pilgrims at the first bar, I throw doubt on his assertion. We stay there for a while before walking on seperately.

Ledigos to Sahagún

There was much chatter of the upcoming halfway point. Our pilgrim friend Stephania, who had walked to Santiago 4 times, was eager to receive a certificate showing she has completed half of the Camino Francés. And everyone is entitled to this – provided you have the sellos. This can usually be obtained in the municipal albergue but on this day, it can be received in the library. It was at this point that my phone decided to power out on me so I will show you photos from my 2013 Camino Francés (below).

Ledigos to Sahagún

Sahagún is a big town and the biggest we had arrived in since Burgos. When I arrive, I sit at Hostal La Bastide with Laura, Yarin and wait for Linda to arrive. I have known the owner of this hostal for a number of years and we keep in touch on social media. It is always good to say hello when I am passing through. I am in no particular hurry to check into my own hostal and stay for lunch and desert with Laura. We meet a father and son who are cycling the Camino and they asked to join us. They are from Belgium. It is very difficult for walking peregrinos and cycling peregrinos to mix as their schedules are not the same. If we were to meet in one town, it would be very unlikely we would meet again.

Ledigos to Sahagún

It must have been close to 2pm before I checked into my own hostal and got washed. It was a nice place on the Camino close to Albergue Santa Cruz. Later in the evening, we all met in the Plaza Mayor for a few drinks and tapas. There were some goodbyes as some pilgrims needed to return home or didn’t have the time. I enjoyed my time walking with them. Ledigos to Sahagún was my penultimate day, I walked back to the hostal close to 10pm thinking about my final day.

Ledigos to Sahagún
The Irish bar in Sahagún

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