A first step on the Camino from 2011

A few days ago, one of those memories popped up in my Facebook feed. It was from 11 years ago – 2011. I was instantly transported back to that time and place. Let me show you the screengrab first of all and I can talk to you about it..

After 4 months of fundraising for Irish based charity Aware, I was on the Camino walking from Sarria. We were 7, including our Spanish-based Aussie Garry. I found it very tough, mainly because I hadn’t prepared. I remember nearly quitting at times. The walk from Sarria reminded me of the west of Ireland with country lanes, stone walls and green fields. I fell in love with the scenery, the history and the food. The pain, on the other hand, was another thing. On arriving in Santiago, I said my goodbyes and was happy to achieve my compostela.

Santiago in 2011

Fast forward ten years and we are in 2021. I was walking on the Camino Francés through the meseta. I arrive in Boadilla del Camino having walked from Burgos a few days earlier. Myself and Garry had remained good friends since our walk in 2011 and we even met in Santiago the following year. He was cycling with a group and there was a good chance he would be in Boadilla del Camino when I am there. I am just finished dinner with Linda and I receive a phone call and it is Garry outside.

Boadilla del Camino – September 2021

It won’t be the last time I meet Garry – he is always on the Camino, being a guide but at a time when I doubted I would be able to walk any further stages of the Camino, he gave me the confidence to walk in 2012. I will always thank him for that.

You can find him on www.spanishadventures.com if you are interested.

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